Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Looking to Rewire your Network

Old buildings and new buildings alike have many things in common. Chief among these is the fact that tenants move in and tenants move out necessitating all kinds of leasehold improvements to fix damage caused by the previous tenant or upgrade the space for a new tenant. We spoke with a company that does network wiring in the Chicago area. And although tenant move out and move ins rank as one of their most often-asked-for services, upgrading of existing systems is by far the top request. Business moves at bandwidth speeds unheard of in previous years. If your company cannot upload and download the files it needs to stay on top of RFPs, for example, then precious time is wasted especially if there isn’t much of it.

Your customers, too, will notice that they can’t interact with your company as well as they can with others, leading to their frustration with your service. When you work very hard to provide the services your company is known for, or products for that matter, and you get dinged because your customers can’t communicate with your systems, then that is like a kick in the teeth. Even if you aren’t in a tech related field, your customers expect your technology to support their needs, not inhibit them.

The way your network is structured and what kind of wiring you have in your building or in your office space can determine the speed at which your information can travel whether it is messages or files. That is one reason why a good design is so very important – it can make all the difference. Yes, you can buy more speed and bandwidth from your ISP, but if your system has a poor wiring design, it will be money wasted. If you are using inferior wiring, then all that speed and bandwidth will get bogged down in inefficient highways.

You want a system that will grow with your needs, not one that is a legacy one which is designed for someone else’s company and needs. Your fifty desktops won’t work as well as the previous tenant’s 25 did for them. So think about having a new wiring design installed when you move, or upgrade. Something custom tailored for your company will serve it well throughout your future growth years.

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