Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Finding the Best SEO

What qualifies someone to say they are an expert at something? Is it years of experience, is it some kind of degree or certification, or is it just that someone else says they are an expert?

When it comes to experts in search engine optimization, it isn’t easy to find an expert.

Knowing how to rank a website on the first page of results is like gold. You can sell this skill to another website owner for money or a fee. You can build your own site and have it make money for you. You can sell other people’s products and make money that way. It is a skill that can translate into a full time living and in many cases, mega-bucks.

So it is somewhat interesting to note that people search for SEO experts and expect that they will work for you for less than minimum wage. This is just ludicrous. Even dog walkers get more than minimum wage in this town.

I think the disconnect comes from the fact that you can get a website for free, you can get hosting for $1, and you can dial up any budget you want with Adwords. Website rankings, however, need to be earned. There is someone out there monitoring who earns the tops spots, and those “someones” are Google, Yahoo and Bing. (Although Bing does Yahoo’s work for them now, so there are really only 2).

So if you are one of the thousands of website owners who need to be on the first page of results, think about this: your website’s health is very important because it brings in customers and revenue. You don’t want the cheapest surgeon operating on you…you want the best. Same is true for your SEO.
The cheap days of internet services are, unfortunately, over. And like everything else, price is determined by supply and demand. The best SEOs are in great demand, in small supply, and worth every penny you pay them.

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